Cinnamon Coconut Bites (AIP Paleo, AI Keto)

      Here’s my go-to solution when the Sugar Monster hits: cinnamon coconut bites!  The collagen supplies protein and the coconut is a fantastic source of healthy fat! BOOM! Cravings-be-gone!  Operation Stable Blood Sugar complete. No collagen? No problem!  Skip it! I always run by Trader Joe’s for a couple bags of $1.99 unsweetened organic coconut flakes/shreds/chips.  All…

      Toddler Sugar(less) Cookies (AIP Paleo)

      Okay.  I just wanted a cute Christmas cookie my toddler could tote around without being “the weird kid that doesn’t eat junk food.”  🙂  While these Toddler Sugar(less) Cookies (AIP Paleo) certainly won’t win any awards for being an exact replica of your classic sugar-laden treat, it certainly serves the purpose I was searching for: cute,…